Owner’s Message

Hello, thank you for visiting our website. My name is Cece Schnuerle, the founder of Lenity Senior Living. I’ve been where you are right now – searching for the best home comfort possible for someone who is very dear to you. Having also worked as a Community Outreach Manager for an assisted living facility provided me the flip side view as well, plus I have 20 years in business management. It was through these personal and work experiences I developed a deep compassion for the elderly and a passion for helping others facing similar challenges when investigating the many senior living options. Because we’ve been there, you can trust we know our business.

I remember the bright sunny day my elderly friend and I sat on a hay bale with a lumps in throat and tears in our eyes as we discussed his inability to live alone any longer. He had been suffering from a type of dementia disease and had become dangerously forgetful in daily tasks. It had become too difficult for his family to provide 24/7 care, as working full-time and raising a family was beginning to take a toll on them all. His daughter was the primary care provider and she dealt with feelings of guilt and worry when we began to investigate an assisted living option. It was a heart wrenching circumstance for all.

The day came for him to move into his new apartment. Within the first month, he and his family began to adjust and I observed a marked change in attitudes and relationships. The relationship dynamic began to change. The Father/daughter relationship began to surface again instead of the patient/care giver. She didn’t have the daily weight of tasks, such as preparing meals, following up on medications, and constantly wondering about where or what here Dad was doing. He was enjoying the company of others he hadn’t had in many years. It was such a privilege to help and encourage them through this process. That was a few years ago and today he has many daily challenges, but all in all he is doing well with the comfort and safety of having 24/7 care and his daughter and family have peace of mind.

Since being involved in this life-changing process, I’ve had many other opportunities to help others in similar circumstances. I’m not exactly sure the moment I began the quest to build and operate such a community. It evolved as I began to listen to the many needs, desires, and frustrations of the elderly folks, professional providers, and families. I started thinking of the possibility of how I could create a wonderful daily life experience filled with opportunities, friends, and laughter. I can’t stand the thought of someone just sitting in a chair all day long dozing in and out of sleep. Although somedays we all can enjoy a day or two like that. So, here we are – ready to embark on our first year at Lenity Senior Living. You’ll find we deeply respect and encourage your independence and freedom of choice.

In brief, this project has been a long labor of love filled with countless hours of planning, research, and hard work. However, I’ve been so blessed to meet many wonderful people along the way who supported my vision. A fantastic team of professionals worked on putting it all together – Aspen Engineers, Insight Architects, the City of Caldwell team, and countless others. I am most grateful for the support of Ron Sargent and Doug Clegg, my most esteemed investment business associates. It was through their extensive knowledge; rich work experience; and endless patience that Lenity was so beautifully brought to life.


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