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Memory Care

Lenity Memory Care services are customized to accommodate those with dementia, memory loss, and other related cognitive impairment. Our creative environment provides an assured sense of security and well-being, while promoting freedom of movement. To comfort and encourage healthier living, a specialized, hands-on care team assists the individual through innovative activities. Our therapeutic programs can create tranquil moments through nostalgia therapy, meaningful interaction, and achievement building techniques.

The State of Idaho Health and Welfare department regulates the assisted living and memory care guidelines and performs on-site surveys periodically. The service requirements provide for basic consistencies in room and board, care assistance, and certain other services. Therefore, you can expect some certainties across the board, such as, three meals a day, housekeeping, laundry service, etc. – all varying in level of service and costs.

In addition, you will find there is a distinction between these basic services and what is typically termed as level of care. In short, the State monitors the “Care Plans” to ensure you receive appropriate care given the level of care for the services you need. And yes, there is an additional cost associated, which may be offered in various cost models. To gain additional information, please refer to our Money Matters page.

Our personalized “Care Plan” assessment process establishes a tailored plan to formulate daily routines and activities with consideration of each individual’s overall health needs, as well as cognitive and physical abilities. You can expect to be greeted with a compassionate, highly skilled care team to provide knowledgeable assistance to help you make an educated decision for your loved one needing memory care assistance. We are fully prepared to assist you in the assessment process, whether you are just beginning to research your options; find yourself with in an immediate need, and/or are comparison shopping. To learn more about senior housing options, please refer to our Housing Options page, a great place to start to help determine what option suits your current situation.

Shifting your attention to the Lenity living experience, you don’t need an appointment to visit our house. The Lenity hallmark is its refreshing country style, with unique home comfort amenities to live better and make the most of each new day. Stop-by to meet our remarkable care team!

We’d love the opportunity to share our compassion for those in need of memory care assistance!

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