Memory Care

We cherish the memories that we have.

It can be frightening when someone begins to lose their memories and their ability to recognize the people that they love. That is why our memory care services focus on stimulating the mind. We create tailored activities that help our residents live the lives that they recognize as their own.

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Lenity Care Services

Lenity’s Memory Care services are customized to accommodate those with dementia, memory loss, and other related cognitive impairments. Our creative environment provides an assured sense of security and well-being while promoting freedom of movement. Our specialized, hands-on care team assists our Memory Care residents through stimulating and innovative activities. The therapeutic programs we use can create tranquil moments through nostalgia therapy, meaningful interaction, and achievement-building techniques. Our Memory Care unit was built with pride and care through the structure, colors and design. 


Standard of Care 

The State of Idaho Health and Welfare department regulates the assisted living and memory care guidelines and performs on-site surveys periodically. The service requirements provide for basic consistencies in room and board, care assistance, and certain other services. Therefore, you can expect some certainties across the board, such as, three meals a day, housekeeping, laundry service, etc. – all varying in level of service and costs.

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Do you have questions about senior care or memory care? Visit our FAQ and our resources pages for more helpful information.

We are excited to announce that Lenity Assisted Living and Memory Care is now part of Aspen Creek Senior Living, effective June 1, 2022. We look forward to serving our residents, our staff and the community.