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Lenity Living Experience

Let me turn the focus on you, we understand this process can be a daunting task no doubt, from sorting through a life time of belongings; downsizing to an apartment; reviewing financial, insurance, and life/health legal documents; searching multiple living options; and most importantly, dealing with the emotional life change. With so many options, finding the best living arrangement for the needs and desires of the individual is our primary concern. Even though I want everyone to live with us, I know it isn’t always the best fit for the individual and we want to help you find it. Call on us to get assistance with information and resources necessary to make educated decisions.


When you choose Lenity, we’ll assist with the transition from a familiar home by supporting long-established routines, while graciously introducing fresh opportunities and assistance in your new home. The day you arrive, I hope you find your apartment, extended living space, and support team resonates with compassion, acceptance, harmony, and home comfort to help rejuvenate the one who has experienced this life-changing process. Enjoy the sweet relief of letting go the everyday worries.

Also, did you know the attitude in the majority of aging adults is to stay active, continue to learn, develop relationships, and have fun as long as possible. Our staff motto SMILE promotes this attitude. An easy to remember acronym – Show respect, Mimic kindness, Initiate relationships, Learn, and Enrich others. Meeting your service expectation, every day is essential. It is our desire to promote a daily balance of activities, assistance, and/or self-renewal techniques for each individual to embrace – mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and socially.

I don’t want people to come here thinking this is the end of enjoyment and independence, rather I want folks to come and discover new interests, take up old interests, do what makes them feel fulfilled, and be happy. Our job is to help make the best of each day.

Mobility, transportation, activity, and convenience become a concern of the aging as health issues increase, physical mobility declines, and mental stimulation lessons. Research has demonstrated the effects of nature act as a therapeutic influence on the restorative health of an individual. Therefore, the overall campus should be picturesque, engaging to the individual, wheelchair and walker accessible, safe, comfortable, practical, pleasurable, and arouse creativity.


We have many other services and amenities to discover as you navigate through our website. We tried to make it easy to find the information you’re looking for. This is a very important decision and you deserve to be well informed. Separate Assisted Living and Memory Care tabs conveniently walk you through what to expect with a preview of the various apartment floor plan choices.

One last thing, it was important to me to provide the Discover tab to assist those of you new to this whole process. I remember searching for answers to an array of questions and concerns. Discover who we are by taking a quick look at the “Snapshot” for a brief overview of Lenity Living or spend time getting to know our home life and values in more detail by exploring the various tabs of interest.

If you have difficulty getting out and about, it would be our pleasure to visit your home. Our goal is to respond to your inquiry within the hour. We’re looking forward to meeting you! Even though the Lenity building won’t be complete until late summer of this year, let us be your immediate resource support team no matter where you are in the process. We appreciate your taking time to check us out.


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