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Dining Cuisine

5 Star Dining

Great care was taken to assemble a state-of-the-art kitchen to assist our Chef in preparing flavorful, healthy food for your everyday dining experience. Food can be a very ambiguous subject when considering your age. You need to ask yourself if you would want to eat bland food, no dessert, and low sodium everything for better health, or would you rather have the eating enjoyment of a slice of pizza and chocolate cake with ice cream.

The Lenity belief is about finding balance between medical needs and individual desires to help manage or treat a disease like diabetes or high blood pressure. Regular menus in long-term care facilities are generally consistent in calories, served at consistent times, and portions are controlled, which is a good thing. If desserts are served, the portions are typically small. However, a fat restriction is not indicated for the majority of this population due to a potential risk of malnutrition especially when old age and other risk factors are involved, such as dementia, terminal illness, and the resident’s wishes.

Our Chef takes an active role in planning and preparing menus that support the healthy diet methodology. This is accomplished by developing a tailored meal plan with flexibility to allow you to exercise the right to make active choices regarding your own healthcare and to participate in assessing the risks versus the benefits involved in making dietary decisions.


This coaches you in making wise nutritional choices to help improve food intake, eating enjoyment, and quality of life, while helping to minimize under nourishment, poor food and fluid intake, struggles over dietary compliance, and negative health effects that often occurs when people are served food they don’t want and consequently won’t eat.

You will be right at home with our user-friendly open style authentic kitchen designed to promote a casual invitation to use independently between meals. You can take advantage of the convenience of pouring yourself or your guests a beverage of choice whenever you want.

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