Assisted Living

“Assisted Living at Lenity means continuing to pursue your passions to find joy and meaning in every season.”

Lenity Assisted Living Services

Lenity’s services are customized for your comfort and care because we want you to thrive.  Our well-trained professional team will work closely with you to identify your interests, attributes, abilities, and overall health status. We then help to create the optimal plan for your care techniques, activities, and programs. We focus on serving you because like you, we want to help preserve your independence and freedom of choice as much as possible! 

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Expertly Trained Staff

Our staff are experts in senior care. We are happy to help you make educated decisions in senior living choices. We are prepared to assist you in the assessment process, so whether you are just beginning to research for the future or you find yourself with an immediate need you can count on us.

Keeping the joy and meaning in life becomes increasingly important as one ages and needs assistance. When assisted living becomes necessary the changes can be challenging for both those requiring care and their families, but Lenity is here to help.

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Standard of Care

The State of Idaho Health and Welfare Department regulates Idaho’s assisted living guidelines and periodically performs on-site surveys. Their service requirements provide some consistency in room and board, care assistance, and other services. This includes three meals a day, housekeeping, laundry service, etc. In addition, you will find there is a distinction between these basic services offered everywhere and what is typically termed the “level of care”. The State of Idaho monitors “Individualized Care Plans” to ensure that you receive the appropriate care and services for your individual needs.  

We are excited to announce that Lenity Assisted Living and Memory Care is now part of Aspen Creek Senior Living, effective June 1, 2022. We look forward to serving our residents, our staff and the community.